Thursday, 2 January 2014

What i got for Christmas 2013?

Okay, i'm supposed to be doing a video on what i got for Christmas 2013, i filmed it but had no time to edit and i think it's kinda too late to upload it anymore so i'll just keep it to a blogpost. I didn't received alot of stuff cause basically our family aren't exactly Christians, we're buddhist. We celebrated Christmas just because my mom's birthday is on the 25th December.  Anywhoos, i'm still due with the revealed palette review. Haven't had time to film it yet cause i was busy doing assignments. Stayed up till 6-7.30 in the morning everyday because i'm mostly productive in the late night than morning/afternoon. I handed in my assignments today *angel's song playing* freedom! well not really cause i have 4 exams this month. Enough rant lets go to what i got for Christmas :)

I only had this picture from instagram because i thought i'm going to just film and post the video, but ohwell so the first picture, boyfiee got me a charles and keith bag! cause i've been eying on that since it was on the shelf LOL! he also suprised me a bath and body works candle (Vanilla Spice), a stitch mug and a penguin pencil box. It's funny how he knows where shop@sarah is because i never brought him there! i screamed when i opened the box and after that went all AWWWWWs cause he knows i love cinnamony smell. Stitch mug was from xplorer, funny how we both got each other mugs, we went to xplorer one day and was just looking around, he said the batman mug looks cool and i said the stitch mug was cute so i guess we got each other mugs, very odd. 

Bestie got me the penguin plushie that i was eying it xplorer and some penguin stickers, bookmarks and a penguin keychain. YES I'M OBSESSED WITH PENGUINS! Super awwed because i can't believe she got it for me T_T, kinda teary when i opened it in the car. I wanted to get it for myself but because its around BND$50 i put it back on the shelf. ♥ i really feel so loved, not because of receiving gifts but because they actually knew what i was thinking. kay maybe i'm too obvious. LOL 
yeah, i never feel so loved by people that are not related to me. I wanted to post about bullies/friends post but still wondering if i have the guts to write it out yet or maybe do a video when i'm ready. Basically i don't have friends throughout my primary school, trust people too easily, got betrayed tons of time, i get teased and insulted, my things get broken whenever i leave my seat for lunch, my lunch money gets stolen EVERYDAY in school... well it can go on but i'll leave that to next time :) 

My lovely sister got me a penguin mug! hoho more penguin stuff, holika holika aqua petit jelly bbcream(i don't remember the exact name) and etude house vivid lipstick. I wanted to try out the holika holika aqua petit bbcream because michellephan uses it and it looks so damn nice but since i don't buy bbcream i kinda ehem, hint hint my sister LOL! so yeaaaaap~ she also got me a red lipstick and if you guys don't know i only buy red lipsticks, i don't look nice with nude. I've tried on literally all the nude lipsticks in the mac store and the guy there said "yeah you really don't suit nude lipsticks" and passes me lots of other bright red and pink lipsticks. 

So thats all for my christmas gifts i received on 24th/25th december 2013

This is considered a christmas gift as well, cause i received it before Christmas. This is the prize from Sheila a.k.a Sprinklerain's thankyou giveaway 2013. I think it's quite sweet of her to decorate the box with masking tapes, hahaha its cute and very thoughtful. I also like how she bubble wrap literally everything and she used DHL courier! i was super surprised to see a dhl car at my parking lot, i thought it was going to be sent through normal post or just poslaju! In anyway thankyou very much for your gift, you even added extras ♥ super love.

My first benefit products, been meaning to try out Hoola bronzer and i must say i super love it. I'm gonna purchase the full size ones. Dandelion don't appear on my cheeks and i'm thinking whether i applied it too light or im just tan. The simple makeup remover! also wanted to try it out and i shall do a comparison with my all time favourite biore cleansing wipes.

So that's the end of what i got for Christmas :) do suggest what kind of videos/post you would like to see from me! i will try to make it happen!!

My little sneak peek of my next post : how i lost 25 kg!!! this is actually a very sensitive topic to me because i'm not exactly slim yet, but i'm still working hard. :D


  1. That Charles & Keith bag looks chic! (Y)

    And omg! I've got a "How I lost weight" post in my drafts too. But I only lost 10kg! You've literally put me to shame! :p

    Looking forward to the weight loss post and oh, congratulations for losing that much weight!

    1. YES! hahaha thats why i love eit.

      You should post soon, i would wanna know different ways of losing weight. 10kg is also a big difference and it's not even easy to lose 3 kg ><! You should be proud hahah.

      Thankyoouuu, congratulations to you too :)