Thursday, 16 January 2014

Weight Loss : How i lost 25 kg

Let me warn you that there are lots of pictures ahead :)

Left 2010, Right 2013
didn't realize i actually squeezed myself into that shirt LOL

I was once obese weighing over 100kg, you will probably be able to calculate once you finish reading the whole post. Anyways yes, i used to weigh over 100kg and was always labelled as "that fat girl", "obese girl", "3 layer meat" (if you know chinese this is equivalent to pig or pork) and etc. Ah well i received lots of insults throughout my whole life. I was actually born chubby, my mom told me the doctor said i'm overweight compared to other average babies. Another thing was i have bigger bone structure which plus on my weight. I was a competitive swimmer, even all those training i wasn't able to lose any weight but i gained more, i don't know if it was muscles or fats but i continue to gain weight.

I decided to lose weight was all because I wanted to live healthier and i wanted to look fitter. I was looking through all my photos on my computer and i just realized i don't really fit in because all my friends are really slim. I was always the odd one in pictures being the fattest one. I guess that gave me a kick in my confidence and i was depressed. Ah this is so hard to explain in words. LOL

Let me emphasize this, i DESPISE exercising! especially running or any sorts of sport that has to do with the ground! but i love swimming, that's the only exception. ("sings" you are the only exception~). I decided to start exercising in 2012 on and off with my best friend. She wanted to only tone her body while i wanted to lose weight. It didn't go so well because we have different goals so i managed to only lose a few kilos. After she decided to change gym while i stayed,  I did my own routine consisting of 30-45minutes cardio every monday to friday and 20 minutes of weight lifting and Saturday & Sunday are rest days.

Other than exercising i also changed my eating habits, i eat lots greens, chicken breasts, yoghurt, fruits and milk. That's basically my meals everyday but i do allow myself to eat junk/fast food once a week on saturday or sunday. Normally people would cut out fastfood and junk food during their diet but to me the best way is not cut out completely, if you can that's good because i tend to have cravings it's the best to satisfy that cravings once in awhile than not having any because once you reached the limit you might eat junk/fast food like crazy.

Never in my whole life i thought i can come this far, i always thought i probably will stay obese forever and probably live alone and die cause nobody would want me. The biggest kick is your motivation, determination and moral support. I motivated myself by telling myself i need to look fit and i want to feel healthy and light. I was consulted by a nutritionist in the hospital and they told me lots of risks i could have and they gave me a period of one year to lose 5-8 kgs but when i went back the doctor was surprised i lost over 20 kgs. To me the compliments i received about losing weight saying it's a great achievement, this keeps my motivation up and how my best friends and family keeps supporting me when i was on the verge of stopping.

My story is pretty long and not that interesting, i kinda suck at writing hahaha but i do hope this motivate you atleast a tiny little bit. Never think you can't do it, you can if you really want it.
I also need to emphasize this NEVER EVER go for slimming pills/products or corset. I think it's just a waste of money. I've been approached idk how many times and they keep pushing me with those products. I was most annoyed when "some" people just won't stop pushing me to buy a $1.4k worth of slimming wear and promised me results. They told me it's not easy to exercise and results aren't that big. I PROVED THEM WRONG! i feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good when they saw a different me. You can choose the shortcut, ofcourse you won't be able to see the side effects now but you never know what awaits you when you're older.

 2 years ago on my 18th Birthday 

2 years ago at my friend's birthday, being the oddball again

 chubby meh

Starting from here is when i started losing weight

2012 Eacons

 This is when i weigh 79kg, the thinnest i've ever been in my whole teenage life.

Sometimes i can't believe i changed so much, atleast i don't stand out "that" much now. 
I'm still fat but hey i'm trying to work it! 

 Overview of my transformation :) It's one thing i'm most proud of


This is my latest photo, i've gained a few pounds thanks to my loving boyfriend and stress. I stopped going to the gym during June 2013 because of work, when i was working in the bank i had to overtime almost everyday till 8 or 9pm and the level of stress is there. I'm back to studying now so i have a little bit more time to do some exercise. :) My goal weight was supposed to be 60 but the nutritionist told me to lose till 70kg because that's my ideal weight for my height and structure.

Heaviest Weight: Over 100kg 
Lowest Weight: 79kg
Current Weight: 83kg
Ideal Weight: 70kg
Height: 168cm

It feels surreal sometimes being able to wear smaller size clothing, look nicer in pictures and not to mention snag myself a loving boyfriend whom i knew online ;) HAHAHA coincidentally that he's from Brunei but studying in Australia, what a small world! So yeap, that's my story of how i lost those kilos :) my weight loss is not like those drastic changes like seen on Youtube sooo yeahhhh~ and i'm not really good in writing so my apologies if theres any confusion. I hope this post did motivate some of you who are planning to lose weight.


  1. I started a diet a couple of days ago and this has gave me much more motivation. Thank you.

  2. I LOVE this post! Especially the part about slimming pills! It's the small (and gradual) changes to our eating and exercising habits that make all the difference. :)

    Btw, you look amazing in your latest photo! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks! Yeah even though its hard but changing your eating habis and implement a little bit of exercise makes you feel light and fresh. whenever i eat junk or fast food i feel sluggish hahaha! i dont know if it's me.

      Thanks :D