Sunday, 26 January 2014

Biore Makeup Remover Towelette VS Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

I've been using the BIORE makeup remover towelette for years and have not changed to any other brands. It is not easy to find a makeup remover wipes that is not harsh and removes with just one or two wipes. I've used THE FACE SHOP wipes before and in my opinion they're really bad for my skin. It's super rough and my face gets really red, i've tried two types one which is the green packaging called Herb Day Cleansing Tissue and the other was Rice Water Cleansing wipes. The rice water was worst, i tried one wipe and my face stings like crazy i had to throw it away because no one can uses it.

So i've tried a new one which is the Simple Cleansing Facial wipes, well i've gotta say it is better than the face shop ones. I never tried any other brand because i'm really satisfied with the biore ones and because i can remove all my makeup with just ONE wipe ( depending on how thick my was, sometimes two wipes). I can say Simple Cleansing Facial wipes can be considered too because it does it job in removing waterproof makeup and is raved by lots of YouTube gurus.

SIMPLE Cleansing Facial Wipes
  • It is available locally (Guardian)
  • Cheaper (cost around BND 8ish, i don't really remember) 
  • Light scent which i like 
  • removes waterproof makeup 
  • No oily feel after removing makeup 
  • need a few extra wipes to remove all my makeup
  • skin starts to redden when i'm trying to erase mistakes when i'm drawing eyeliner, i think the towelette is abit rough for my eye areas

BIORE Makeup Remover Towelette
  • Usually only need one wipe 
  • Removes waterproof makeup 
  • Wipe has more product ( or liquid?) compared to other brands
  • No oily feel after removing makeup as well 
  • It is not available locally, i always have to buy a few packs to stock up. I have one more left :( 
  • A tad bit more expensive than the simple wipes, cost around BND 12-14 per refill pack.
  • heavy scent 

Overall, i still love my BIORE towelettes but if i'm out of them and need a substitute i would opt for the Simple cleansing wipe as i can easily purchase them compared to the Biore one. Heart from Thatsheart recommended the Ponds makeup remover wipes but it's not available locally, i found a site that sells them so i'm thinking of trying that brand as well. Why don't we have access to different types of makeup brands in Brunei :( BRING SEPHORA HERE PUUHHLEAASEEEE.Though if they do the prices would probably be craycray.


  1. I used the simple ones before and like you, when I used it to remove mistakes from my eyeliner it would make it red and it would hurt.

    1. yeahhh >< you should try the biore ones if you have access towards those products.