Sunday, 5 January 2014

Authentic vs Fakes

I'm flabbergasted how people can label fake products as Authentic!! I don't know if i'm wrong here but can anyone tell me how much does this bag cost?

Maybe i didn't come across this bag from the michael kors website or they took it down or something but this looks like the Michael Kors Miranda Series and i don't remember this being that cheap because this brunei seller on instagram sold this for BND450, when a original MK miranda cost atleast USD900 and above. Maybe there's a budget version? correct me if i'm wrong.What pisses me off is the seller actually has the "AUTHENTIC" word with the name of this bag. I'm not saying this seller sells fake stuff, he/she probably has some authentic stuff cause i saw some Louis Vuitton bags and they look kinda real and are sold out. 

Alot of MK bags sellers in brunei got the MK bags from eBay because i myself actually went and search and all the pictures look exactly the same, sometimes cheap price doesn't mean authentic same goes to higher prices. Getting authentic bags from ebay is quite risky because esp china sellers can just label them genuine/authentic and hike up the price. Nowadays i'm really amazed at how similar knock-off bags and the genuine bags look like. I saw some MK bags on Taobao, taobao is a chinese version of ebay and it's so tempting to get because it looks exactly the same and the price is just a fraction of the original price. $15 i must say is not bad for a knock-off LOL! but to my opinion i prefer to not carry any branded names at all if i really can't afford it rather than carrying a fake and get dissed about it. i'm not saying you CAN'T carry a fake bag, it's just my opinion. I do carry inspired bags because nowadays bags that are sold everywhere are copied from branded bags. Inspired bags do not have branded names on it while knock-off does.

Just wanted to rant it out, i mean what if those people really purchase from this instagram seller and it really is a fake bag. It's like lying and cheating! :/ i myself wanted to sell authentic Michael kors bag because i have a cousin living in LA and she's been doing authentic bag business between LA and Malaysia since Malaysia's branded bags are super overpriced. I wanted to ask her to supply me some but nyehh, it's gonna cost me a bomb if nobody buys them and i'll have all these stocks at home. I probably can use it but my mom is also probably going to kill me HAHAHA.

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