Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Snake Invasion!

So, Mr.Snake decided to pay a visit in my room the other day when i'm out doing errands. When i came home my maids ran out frantically telling me there's a snake in my room. Me being a scaredy cat called my mom so all those chaos we had to bring our worker (who works in my mom's shop) home to catch mr.snake. I went to pick him up and brought him home and he spent probably 3 hours searching for the snake and nope nowhere to be found. Mom told me not to sleep in my room till the mr.snake is caught. We left the room alone for that night, mom decided to move everything (a.k.a my stuff) out of the room so that they can search all the tiny holes and dark areas.

I whatsapped the pictures to my sister and she told me it looks like I'm doing some garage sale of my teddys. My mom basically threw all my stuff into plastic bags T____T and just for the info i just cleaned up my room like 2 days ago? gah! All those hassle, which is why i didn't do any YouTube videos, i don't even know wheres my cosmetics and makeup brushes LOL! My mom being the superwoman that she is flipped all my furniture *salutethestronkwoman* to search for mr.snake. After flipping my room upside down, mr snake is still NOWHERE TO BE FOUND! Mom decided to smoke the whole room and dad decided to spray lemongrass oil at every corner, i couldn't stand the lemongrass scent, makes me dizzy and FINALLY mr.snake decided to come out on the 4th day! i think mr.snake was dizzy cause my maid told me it was twisting and turning at my door and wanting to go into my sister's room. HELL YEAH FOR SMOKES AND LEMONGRASS OIL! (still hate the smell).

SUPERMAN daddy caught the snake with a broom and dustpan and threw him at the grassy areas opposite of our house, he said we're not supposed to kill mr.snake i'm not sure why though. Took me 2 days to put my things back, all those hard work LOL! yeap :P


  1. Wow! That is a whole lot of work to get rid of Mr. Snake (that name grew on to me. Haha) Your post is useful if I were to ever encounter a snake (touch wood!)

    1. hahahaha yeap! i think mr.snake's mother came to look for him cause we saw a huge snake at our backyard LOL! same color as well

      hahahah *touchwood* prepare yourself with lemongrass oil !

  2. Lemongrasss Oil. That will be in my survival list.


    I've been hissed at by a cobra once when I was just walking around my house, I didn't even know the snake was there. It just hissed at me. Since then, I just got scared to really work outside the house lol.

    "I whatsapped the pictures to my sister and she told me it looks like I'm doing some garage sale of my teddys" I lol-ed.

    Did you find out what kind of snake it was?

    1. HAHAHHA yes, lemongrass oil will always be ready in my house

      omg cobra :/ i get the shivers whenever i see snakes, it just creeps me out esp those expo when people put snakes on their neck, you will never know when the snake decided to strangle you *touchwood* but yeah HAHAHAHHA

      hahaha, i'm not sure i know it's black color and not that big just long. the mother came to our backyard looking for it (i assume its the mother cause its the same color and way bigger)