Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Fake Urban Decay Naked 3?

I went to the mall this afternoon to get more Christmas gifts, spending money like drinking water here. Anyways, the Mall was having this booth sales thing they do very frequently now and one of the booth i saw sold all three version of the Urban Decay Naked palette!! From the first glance i knew it was fake due to the packaging as they look really flimsy and ya know fake. I'm not against people getting the fake version but i was just surprised how fast they have the fake version out in the market. Good job china!  I found an image on eBay selling the fake naked 3,it looks  nothing like the original naked 3 palette!

And what's hilarious is the lady tried selling it to me pronounced Naked 3 as "NAD3", my friend asked again and she keep saying " this is new arrival, nad 3" kay. i was trying hard not to laugh, i kinda feel bad :/

So waddya think of the fake Naked 3? 


  1. The Mall had all three? How much were they?
    It's so shocking yeah??

    How fast they do that! UD really needs to move their packaging place somewhere else!

    1. yeap~ i think the naked 3 was 38? naked 1 and 2 around 25? i would rather go buy drugstore makeup :/ its not cheap also!

      Hahahah, true that!

    2. The one at TS is cheaper then, cheaper than the Naked 2 even lol. But still, I just can't understand how UD would let them get away with it lol. They could have repackaged it or something. Maybe it was too late.

    3. hahahah! i wonder if they're pigmented, true unless they release a naked 3 (repackaged edition) i probably would buy it if they change the packaging, i don't really like the look of it :/

    4. Since I have the fake Naked Basics, I'm not that impressed with it. But I heard the more shimmery/satin ones are pigmented. Generally. It balls up when used with a synthetic brush, that's what I noticed. I bought it out of curiosity anyway haha.

      But yeah, I want Naked to be repackaged too, because my dusty room is not friendly to velvet packaging. I keep my Deluxe Shadow Box in the drawer all the time (and rarely use it because of that x.x)