Friday, 27 December 2013

em cosmetics: yay or nay?

This is a super late post that i never get to finish, has been on draft for quite a while HAHAHA! totally forgot about it!

Anyways, i'm sure everyone knows about em cosmetics (Michelle Phan's make up line). They currently do not ship internationally but i heard it's going to probably by next year. *fingerscrossed* shipping won't cost a bomb! because everything that ships to BRUNEI is crazily expensive which is why products in Brunei are expensive. Sometimes we can't blame why sellers hike up the price yaknow, it's because shipping is more expensive than the product itself.

Anyhoos lets go back to the topic. I was quite surprised at the prices of em cosmetics, i thought it's going to be affordable apparently not because USD$75 (around BND $94) for the life palette is abit of a nyeh to me. I actually don't like the packaging, no offense its just my opinion, even when they come out with a life palette moment (smaller version of the life palette).

BUT i would love to buy em's concealer and contour/highlighting stick. I've seen alot of reviews of these 2 products and most of them are thumbsup! I'm a big contour girl, i can easily trick people into thinking i got my nose done, no joke! i tricked my elder sister and cousin by saying i went to get fillers and they went all ballistic and yaknow saying that i'm crazy!

Even thatsheart rave about em's brow pencil. So i would probably get these 3 products :) I don't mind splurging on good concealer and contour product!

I should go back to doing my assignment :( sucks that i'm still in college! I kinda miss working for some reason, i used to work in a bank so i kinda like being busy and you know having lots of things to do. I'm really bored at home even during school days, cause classes are only from 10AM - 1PM, im free LIKE A BIRRDD~ for the rest of the day.

Should i do a what i got for Christmas post or video? i'm still debating cause it isn't that much things, probably around 10 items?


  1. I want the Chiaroscuro too!! But yeah, it's too expensive :T doesn't look luxurious, I'm not a big phan of Michelle though (see what I did there? LOL)

    I'm soooo hoping they'd release a L'oreal drugstore version of the contour stick.

    A lot of people compared the concealer with the Hard Candy concealer I think. Maybe we should check that out? lol

    I'm curious about your Christmas presents haha

    1. hahahaha good one!! yeahhhh still ookay if the product itself is good.

      HAHAHAHA i doubt so cause they probably earn more this way cause welp its Michelle phan's line.

      Hmmm where to get hard candy products?

      hahahahha gonna post that one soon :D

  2. The contouring/highlighting stick looks good to me. But the product itself doesn't justify the price tag plus the extortionate shipping fees to Brunei.

    I realised Michelle tends to give out discounts via Instagram on Em Cosmetics for certain days this month, not sure if this applies to countries outside the US (let alone Brunei)

    I'm indifferent towards Em Cosmetics, not because of Michelle or anything. I feel the exact same way towards Skylark Cosmetics by the Fowler sisters too.

    If you do get products from Em though, I'll still be excited to read your take on it! :)

    1. Yeah, read a few blogpost about the price. Yeap that's why im not expecting low shipping cost, though hopefully they offer flat rate shipping worldwide, saves alot if we purchase more products.

      Oh right the other time was thanksgiving where basically 50% off ! if only they had international shipping that time ><! and christmas sales too.

      I'm not a tad bit interested in skylark, the lipgloss kinda look cheap? their palette isnt that special too. haha

      and will do if i get my hands on em..

  3. I am not that interested on the life palette though it looks really interesting but I really want to get my hand on the great cover up concealer (still looking for my holy grail concealer). I heard really good review on it.. yes, shipping can be costly to Brunei (bummer!) but I have a feeling I'm going to get more than a concealer.. lol! We'll see~~

    You should do a video on your Christmas gift! :)

    1. i know right haha but that circly-ish looking eyeshadow with different size kinda puts me off. HAHA no idea why. Yeap i watched a few reviews, i think bobbi brown and mac's concealer are good too? im not sure but ive seen alot of people using their concealer.

      sad :/ i wonder why shipping here is expensive while shipping to singapore and malaysia are damn cheap. hahahah ikr probably just keep adding because shipping is expensive so make it worth!

      hahah will try.. i'm still quite late for the revealed palette review :/