Saturday, 14 December 2013

Collective Haul: Bath and Body Works Candles / Etude House / TFS / Charles and Keith

YES! Another haul :)

I got some bath and body works candles just to try out and i must emphasize this, I SUPER LOVE the mint chocolate one. It makes me crave for peppermint chocolate chip icecream forreal! Shop@sarah do have some bath and body works candle but limited choices so i tried using HopShopGo service and ordered some from their official website, so far so good! If you want to know more about the service do leave me a comment and also include the questions you want me to answer regarding the HopShopGo service. This makes it so much easier to buy products like benefit, mac, urban decay and also sephora ♥♥ shopping spree babeh! i'm getting some more candles soon, kinda tiny little bit addicted to them.

i also got some items from Etude House (mostly nail polish), the faceshop (again nail polish) and also Charles and keith ;) BND 10/pair for charles and keith heels! no joke :P

Watch my video below for more information.


  1. I am also obsessed with candles! I usually bought the Yankee Candles one from Knick Knacks but hey are so expensive! Bath & Body Works always have the best scents. I may try to buy it but how does HopShopGo works? I heard about the Charles & Keith $10 sales! Luckily I am heavily pregnant and couldn't afford to go anywhere now.. If not, I would buy a lot!! Hahaha~

    1. i don't really like any of the yankee candles except for the strawberry vanilla ( i think?). i'm quite picky with scent haha true $40ish for one big jar but the bbw candles after adding shipping totals up around that price as well. :/ kinda suck!

      It's quite easy and safe since its linked to paypal! they have 2 service, buy for me and ship for me. If the website accepts international card but provide expensive shipping you could use ship for me (victoria secrets) like bbw, they dont ship international so i use "buy for me", they do charge a % of fee. shipping to brunei cost a BOMB! i'm gonna ship to singapore next time, the difference is just crazy! i shipped it to miri so it's cheaper.