Wednesday, 26 November 2014

W7 In The Nude Palette Review - Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Dupe


It's been awhile since i've done a review, so busy with assignments and college is being a meanie for giving us 10 assignments. *cruelworld* haha jk 

I recently ordered two naked palette dupes, It should be the naked 2 and naked 3 dupe but i add the first one to the cart instead so i don't have the naked 2 to do a review on. These are SUPER SUPER cheap okay maybe not really but 5 pounds for a palette that gives highend eyeshadows is "cheap!" 

From what i've seen on the website, W7 makes a bunch of dupes!! They made dupes for Nyx butter lipsticks, benefit hoola, benefit box blushes and even the Chanel soleil tan de chanel that i'm planning to buy!! I just bought the chanel universal bronzer dupe but i still need to get the chanel universal bronzer to do a comparison :) hopefully soon hehe 

Similar to the naked 3, the palette is in a tin form and has a dual ended brush and sponge tip applicator. I don't keep it in the palette cause it keeps on falling off whenever i open the palette. I also swatch all the eye shadows on my arms using a "brush" and "without primer" because apparently swatching with fingers doesn't gives the same results as using a brush as most of the time we apply eyeshadows with a brush, so i think using a brush gives off a more realistic result. 

I really love all the colors except angel cause the glitter does not adhere and falls everywhere on my face. Quite a hassle to clean up. My favourite ones would be bad manners, coffeecup, fashionista and alice which i made a demo on how i used the eyeshadows (video link here). I was also surprised that i could pull off pink shades cause i'm quite tan like NC 30-35. So verdict:-

The Pros
  • Blend-able
  • Medium pigmentation (based on the price i'm paying) 
  • Affordable
  • Build-able to the intensity that you prefer 

The Cons 
  • Not talc-free 
  • Shimmery shades have a lot of fall outs 
  • Not available locally - had to wait for about 2 weeks-ish 
  • Packaging a little bit cheap (which i shall overlook cause of the price HAHA!) 
Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Top 10 Makeup Brands - To Try!

There are so many makeup brands in the market, i don't think anyone would be able to actually try out each and every brand. I wouldn't consider myself a makeup junkie just cause i don't splurge on every type of product, only those that caught my eyes and i know i would be able to use them. I typically don't splurge or buy high end eyeshadows because i don't use them that often. For everyday basis, eyeliner and mascara would be my go-to. One thing i would splurge on are face products, idk to me they're like the main points. hehe so i actually compiled 10 brands where i would want to try out. This is what watching youtube video does to you, my makeup wishlist is getting longer and longer. 

  1. Australis
    • this is an australian brand that i wish to try, hopefully my result would be good enough and i get to continue my studies in australia :P i want to try their velourlips like lip lacquers, so many pretty colors and affordable too.
  2. Chi Chi
    • raved about by shaaanxo ♥ i want to try their eyeshadows and lipsticks/matte lips! Gosh so pretty but i need to accumulate up to AUD$100 for free international shipping. gosh the hole in my wallet is getting bigger and bigger. 
  3. Makeup Academy (MUA) 
    • a UK brand i suppose, known to have Urban Decay naked palette dupes. They have super affordable lip lacquers too which is known to a dupe for Lime crime's Velvetines. I need to get them x.x 
  4. Makeup Revolution
    • saw a blogpost that says makeup revolution is run by a person by MUA? not too sure about that but they have gorgeous looking makeup. Also lots of dupes, i'm thinking of trying their makeup setting spray, i ♥ makeup blushes that is a dupe for toofaced sweetheart blushes and probably eyeshadows or blushes. 
  5. Inglot 
    • I like their concept of 'freedom', people can make their own palette that suits their needs or taste. I heard their eyeshadows are like the bomb? also their duraline which makes any pigment or shadows into eyeliner ♥ ALSOOO saving your dried out eyeliners or paintpoits!!! im so annoyed bobbi brown eyeliner dry out so fast and nothing keeps in moist gah! hahah this will be my go to shop when i'm in malaysia. 
  6. Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore 
    • I got to be honest, the reason why i want to try flower beauty is because of the packaging!!! i saw itsjudytime trying out the products i literally search up every where for this and apparently it's a walmart exclusive brand. x.x this is going to be a pain in the butt to order because i can't ship makeup stuff to malaysia cause of custom issues, shipping to brunei cost a bomb USD 85 for 3kg the last i checked. i probably am going to ship it to my boyfiee in singapore, would only be able to get them on february next year. 
  7. Urban Decay
    • yeap i've never tried urban decay LOL cause i'm not a big eyeshadow fan so i still can't decide whether or not should i splurge and try their products especially the naked palettes and eyelid primer. I probably would get their single eyeshadows instead with the custom palettes along with their 24/7 glide on eyeliners. 
  8. Cover FX 
    • UK brand i think? correct me if i'm wrong, their concealers are known to be heavy duty something like hard candy's glamoflauge. this is going to my wishlist too :3 
  9. Soap & Glory
    • I'm very happy with their body soap and scrub so i figured i should give their makeup a try. Quite interested in their sexy mother pucker (yup!) and their bronzer/blush.  
  10.  Illamasqua 
    • the only thing i want to try is their hydra veil hydrating primer! super weird formula because it comes in this little black pot. it comes with a spatula and you dig in or swirl your product around or anyhow you want and apply to your face. the product will go back into its original form after awhile. this reminds me of pudding LOL! 
picture from reallyree 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

A little rant: Give people a chance

I'm super annoyed like going to punch the wall kind of annoyed LOL. I missed out the US launch for the MAC  Rocky Horor Picture Show Collection and i wanted it soooooooo bad, so i went to search around to buy from blog sales and they price a frigging lipstick that was USD 17.50 to USD 35 and above. are you kidding me? they just launched and you're already hiking up the prices. I was surfing around instagram and saw a girl posted a photo with her frigging 5 backups of each of the Rocky Horror collection!! i was raging -_- phoreall. Most of them bought backups to earn money and they don't give other people the chance to buy and who really wanted the collection

I gave up searching the blog sales because knowing they are selling it at a ridiculous price, i rather just wait for the Singapore launch. I did ask the boyfiee in advanced to check for me at the MAC stores few days ago, sadly they're not out yet. AGAIN i was surfing instagram and saw a post from another girl with her gazillion backups of MAC Rocky Horror Collection and they were a few comments asking if she's gonna sell them. After reading her replies, i was in fury LOL! im not even joking. She said

"need to wait for her next batch from "SINGAPORE" to arrived cause they just launched it" 

ARE YOU FOR REAL??!!?! YOU GOT BAZILLION BACKUPS AND YOU'RE GETTING FROM ASIA TOO?! Ergh i know people can earn money however they like but this is just frustrating to see. 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Review: NARS Blush in Deep Throat + Swatch | A little rant

YEEEEE so this is my first nars product *waves flag* yes i decided to jump on the bandwagon and get a nars blush because i'm always off about it because of the high price. I got the blush for SGD 46 or 48 from Robinsons in Singapore. I originally wanted to get orgasm but it didn't catch my eye so i went on and got it in deepthroat. Yes the very sexual names kinda puts me off HAHAHA imagine your mom or sister asked ohhh what blush are you using and i go erm deep throat *gives cheesy smile* 

OH let me say the sales assistant at the NARS counter at Robinsons sucks. I don't know her name and i don't bother learning her name, but her service is just down right shitty. There were 2 SA (sales assistant) working, WHEN  i was walking towards the NARS counter one of SA was serving a middle aged woman and helping her out and all so when the lady left and i went up to the counter to check out the blushes. SA just walked passed me and talked to her colleague which was sitting at the payment counter, fine i can find what i want myself its not hard ERGH WHAT PISSED ME OFF WAS TALKING TO HER. I told her i wanted the blush she's like HUH? WHAT? ohmygod EFF YOU! and then i repeated i want to get this blush, she replied me dull-ly "oh okay" walks away and gets the blush. *breathe in breathe out* 

I went to the counter and asked if i can pay with BND cause i had extras so i can get SGD change without going to the money changer, lady wasn't happy i paid in BND she point point at the general counter at the far side and say "we don't accept it here, you have to pay there" TBH i expected something more polite? maybe i had high expectations because its a high end store. SEPHORA AND MAC HAVE NICER SERVICE. I love MAC's SA they're so nice and friendly, the male makeup artist picked and swatched SO MANY lipsticks just to find what i want. I shall not go buy from that NARS counter anymore unless i'm downright desperate or in need of something. kay done ranting LOL 

I now know why nars blush is so worth the investment because the staying power is just awesome. I was sweaty and my foundation was ruined but my blush was still on! I was so impressed and in love, i've put some other shades on my not so little wishlist LOL. Onto the pros and cons ~

The Pros 

  • Pigmented Colors
  • Long-Lasting
  • Smooth application
  • Easy to blend out 

The Cons 

  • Hard to maintain packaging as dirt easily sticks on it (the picture taken was just 3 days after using)
  • on the pricier side
  • not locally available 

Overall Rating: 9/10

Personally i don't have any negative thing to say about the product itself. I will update if i find anything i don't like from the blush. TEEHEE

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


iHERB is literally my shopping heaven. One of the main reasons is that they sell ELF Products , Physicians Formula and real techniques there, another reason is healthy snacks and lastly low delivery cost (DHL COURIER) for around 15-25 depending on the weight, still cheap compared to other places.

I've ordered from them a few times with no problem, processing takes awhile probably because they have tons of orders a day. I went and googled their warehouse and holymoly its massive. I ordered some protein shake, took awhile to reach my place because it got hold up at the custom for medical check. I then placed 2 more orders and ship it to Singapore where boyfiee is because he's always out of food. So ladies who wanna send some stuff to your boyfiee i suggest food or snacks. HAHAHA Well there is a saying
the way to a man's heart is through his stomach 
I definitely recommend iHERB if you're from Asia (more importantly Brunei) and wants to buy Real Technique brush at a lower price starting from USD6 :D.

Heres a coupon code if you guys wanna purchase anything from them. It's for new customers only and $10 off is amazeballs. 
Coupon Code: QZG227
You can get $10 off on your first purchase if you spend over $40. Just enter the coupon code when you are checking out, or spend less than $40 and you still get $5 off!

Friday, 12 September 2014


MAC x Rocky Horror Picture Show 
- Fall 2014 - 
Release Date: 29th Sept 2014 (Online) / 2nd October 2014 (In stores ) 

This collection is the celebration of Rocky Horror Picture Shows' 40th Anniversary. Apparently it's a classic film from the 70's, i wasn't in this world yet and because my parents are traditional Chinese parents i wasn't exposed to English films especially classic films. 

MAC is very good at attracting people by releasing limited edition packaging almost every month. For people like me whose a sucker for packaging loves giving them money. HAHAHA I usually get the products that are limited edition and not in their permanent line if you get what i'm saying here. They usually re-promote their products as well but in different packaging and some limited edition products are just repackaged of a item from their permanent line. I usually would go for their powder or lipstick as most of the time they are not from their permanent line. 

Info and Pictures are attained from allurabeauty.

  1. Riff Raff Eyeshadow Palette (6 eyeshadows) - RTP $44.00 limited edition
  2. Powder Blush in Crazed Imagination - RTP $24.00 limited edition 
  3. Lipsticks - RTP $17.50 limited edition
    • Strange Journey (Matte)
    • Oblivion (Amplified)
    • Sin (Matte) permanent
    • Frank-N-Furter (Matte) 
  4. Glitter - RTP $23.00
    • Gold
    • 3D Black 
  5. Pigment in It's Not Easy Having A Good Time - RTP $23.00 limited edition
  6. Chromagraphic Pencil - RTP $17.50 permanent
    • Black Black
    • Basic Red
  7. Greasepaint Stick - RTP $21.00 limited edition
    • B Bright
    • Black
  8. Lip Pencil in Vino - RTP $17.50 permanent
  9. Sculpt and Shape Powder in Bone Beige/Emphasize - RTP $27.50 limited edition
  10. Set Powder in Invisble  - RTP $40.00 limited edition
  11. Superslick Liquid Eyeliner in On The Hunt - RTP $20.00 permanent
  12. Nail Lacquer - RTP $13.50 
    • Bad Fairy limited edition
    • Formidable permanent
  13. Lashes in 7 Lashes - RTP $18.50 

This collection has twice the amount of the Simpsons Collection. I managed to get my hands on both the blushes from the Simpsons Collection cause i wasn't that interested with the other products. But for this collection i'll probably tear a hole in my wallet. It's really hard to buy limited edition stuff especially since i use mail forwarder/US shopper to get them. It takes awhile for them to purchase for me as well.

I probably need to put aside some money for this collection. The sculpt and shape powder looks nice so i'll probably try and get that along with the powder blush and lipsticks in the shade Frank-N-Furter and Oblivion. Other than that nothing caught my eyes.

The packaging should be the same as normal MAC packaging but the printed design on the lipsticks looks gorgeous. So what do you think of this collection and will you get anything from this collection?

- Angela

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Review: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer + Swatch

Welp this shows i am not consistent with my blogging. Anyhoos i have a review on the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. I got this when i went to Singapore for a one week trip, went there for 6 days and 5 nights and i stayed at River Valley@Orchard Road. Basically i'm near to orchard and somerset so i kinda spent 3/4 of my trip shopping around that area only. The furthest we've been to was chinatown, bugis and tanjong pagar. Anyways on to the review.

Let's talk about the packaging first, in my opinion the detailing is really pretty but too large for travelling. They probably have a travel size one but i'm not too sure about that. I'm not saying i don't like the packaging, i love it but just not travel-friendly unless you don't mind stuffing it into your purse or makeup bag. It has a slight matte mixed with glossy finish which i prefer because unlike the NARS one it got dirty sooo fast, i had it for only 3 weeks and it's dirty already. Because the packaging is larger, their mirror would be bigger than normal compacts which i love. (yes i think i'm contradicting myself) LOL

Now for the product itself, lemme say it's currently my holygrail bronzer/contour. Some said it's too muddy looking but because i'm quite tan this is just PERFECTO! They have the lighter one which is Milk chocolate, i tried it at Sephora, it contours but really lightly and looked more natural. I like going all the way with bronzer/contour cause i like having a sharp feature (more like trying to look skinnier) especially my nose. TBH my nose is a little bit crooked, contouring it made it look less visible. Now even though this is my holygrail product it can also go wrong if layering over too much. I looked like i just face plant myself in mud that day cause i had to reapply my makeup cause i was sweating, The bronzer stayed on my face quite well even though i was sweating and i thought i would just add a tiny little bit to make it look fresh and nice. IT WAS A WRONG MOVE! i had to wipe down all my face makeup. So on to the pros and cons of this product. For lasting power i did not try 24 hours, i'm not that crazy but the maximum amount of time i wore was 8 hours and it still looked fresh (without sweating)


  • Super pigmentated
  • Lasting hours (on my face) 8 hours or more 
  • Natural Contouring - Brown Matte 
  • Easily blended out
  • Large Compact Mirror 
  • Smells chocolatey (if you actually prefer it) 


  • Large compact
  • Will look muddy if not careful 
  • I don't fancy the chocolate scent but some people do
  • a tad bit pricey ( i got mine for around SGD $50 ) 
  • not available locally
Overall rating: 9 out of 10 
Just cause i loveeee the formula of this bronzer.


I just uploaded my Singapore Part 2 haul video for beauty :D Do check it out and hopefully you guys can subscribe. ♥♥