Sunday, 25 January 2015


Release Date: January 29, 2015 (Online -US only) / February 5, 2015 (Stores in the US)
Availability: MAC Stores & Online, Nordstrom

I'm not sure if MAC Toledo will be going to Singapore or Malaysia cause sometimes limited edition collection don't get to go to Asia regions. Since rocky horror actually made it to singapore, there should be a chance of it being available in Singapore. The collection would probably be out during late february or early march. I can't wait for MAC x Cinderella collection as well. 

Since my boyfiee is coming back to Brunei for good on early February, he wouldn't be able to get me the toledo collection so i'll probably be ready on the MAC US website and refresh their page every so often LOL! I need this T_T i'm not a big fan of the eyeshadow palettes, cause i believe MAC eyeshadows are great if it's the singular form. I've tried MAC palettes and their pigmentation isn't as good as the single ones. I'm a big sucker for packaging and i know it HAHAHA it'll be too pretty and i won't even use it! I can't make up my mind on which to get :/ i love my reds! but i also want to try the nudes. omgah! MAC lipglass are well known to be sticky, i'm still thinking whether to get one or not hmm~ 

I find it odd how they keep re-promoting the sin lipstick, cause it's in their permanent line.

Lipstick (USD$17.50)
(L-R)  Oxblood | Barbecue | Victoriana | Tenor Voice | Opera | Sin
 *all matte shade
Lipglass (USD$16.50)
(L-R) Oxblood | Barbecue | Victoriana | Tenor Voice | Opera | Sin 

 (L-R) Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner (USD$17.50)
Chlorafill | Designer Purple | Petrol Blue

(L-R) Modern Twist Lash (USD$24.00)
Chlorafill (Lime) | Tarot (Purple) | Caligrafy (Navy) | Vinyl (Black)
Blush Ombre(USD$32.00): Ripe Peach
Blush Ombre(USD$32.00): Kindergarten Red 
 Blush Ombre(USD$32.00): Azalea Pink

Bellgreens Eyeshadow Palette (USD$44.00)
Fresh Blade | Gorgeous Gold | Savant | Vicuna | Charcoal Brown | Sushi Green

Violetwink Eyeshadow Palette (USD$44.00)
Sweet Allure | French Clay | Stars ‘n’ Rockets | Tendersmoke | Frizzyplum | Overnight

Moodyblu Eyeshadow Palette (USD$44.00)
Midnight Snow | Idol Eyes | Deep Truth | Knight Divine | Exotic Purple | Indigogo

Nail Lacquer (USD$13.50)
Faint of Heart | Venus Red | Vixen
Makeup Bag (USD$35.00)
Makeup Bag Isabel and Ruben Toledo

Brush (USD$38.50)
129SE Powder/Blush Brush

If the makeup bag was the same print as the ones on their product, i probably would have got tempted to get it. but nyeeehhh not really a fan of the prints on the makeup bags. So what do you guys think about this collection? YAY or nyeeeeeeeeeeeh ? 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

How To: Save your gel eyeliners

I shouldn't be blogging cause i have an exam tonight, but my head hurts from stuffing all the definition and such into my brain! 

Anyways, a little tip on how to restore your gel eyeliner :D i tried this out last night and it worked like a charm. I googled how to restore gel eyeliners and the main tip was to heat up your gel eyeliner, yes it worked but it dried out really fast especially the bobbi brown gel eyeliner. Bobbi brown gel eyeliner is one of the top 10 gel eyeliners but one that dries up really fast too! My mac fluidline is still in great condition compared to bb's one. The bb gel eyeliner dried up like a rock and when i shake the jar you can hear the clinking sound or thudding (i suck at describing sound). 

I did the trick of heating up on my flat iron, worked for about 2 days and dried up like a rock again so i decided to google once again. The tip i found was using toothpick and start swirling your gel eyeliner around, well it doesn't work because my eyeliner is like dried up mashed potato LOL. Maybe i suck at googling, but i don't see anyone using olive oil in their gel eyeliners? I had a bottle of olive oil on my desk usually cause i have super dry skin, and i usually dab olive oil on dry patches. Spotted my olive oil and decided to add it into my gel eyeliners, and hallelujah it worked! back to a gel texture. 

What you'll need:-

  1. Your dried up mashed potato gel eyeliner
  2. Toothpick (2 or 3 just in-case you're like me who uses all the energy to stir)
  3. Olive Oil 
  4. PAPERS (for fall outs, i was too smart to do it ontop of my revision notes. Yup! you know what happened). 


  1.  Mash up your gel eyeliner with the toothpick
  2. Add one drop of gel eyeliner and stir (add another one if you think it's not enough. I added 1 1/2 drops)
  3. Keep swirling around and get it all even out. 
  4. Test it! it should work :D 

I am not sure about the results of the gel eyeliner since i have not tried using it on my eyes. I do notice it takes a little longer to set because of the olive oil as i tested it out on the back of my hands. It does not really affect anything as it just takes a few second extra to dry. 

I don't have any pictures because i decided to this out of a random, yeap hehe do comment if it works for it. P/S i would not take responsibility if your eyeliner got messed up :D it's your risk to take. 

Saturday, 17 January 2015

[Updated] COLOURPOP Eyeshadows and Lippie Stix + International Shipping?

-end of warning-

Hello girls and maybe guys, was planning to only update this little space when i'm finished with my exams. Heck i'm taking a break from those revisions and play with some colourpop so i decided to take some pictures of swatches. So now i'm here writing a blog post. I filmed a colourpop haul too, just that i need to edit the video and get it up. I have this pet peeve, if my videos are choppy or just awkward i will re-film it. There was one video that i re-filmed probably four times till i get it right, but i'm not a perfectionist tho. Anyways back to my colourpop.

I made two orders around december, but i'll talk about shipping and how i got them down below :). So i'm pretty sure most beauty junkies would know about colourpop, they cost USD5 = BND 6.50/RM 17 (round up) per eyeshadow pot. They currently only ship to the US and Canada and recently to Australia and NewZealand, waiting for them to ship to Brunei which might not happen since tons of website don't. gah! They also offer lippe stix (lipstick) and lippie pencils, also USD 5 per piece which is amazeballs because their quality is just T_T *faints*.

I got 2 of the quad set, which is the Megan Naik collaboration with Colourpop and Nix the Nice. They have four pots of eyeshadow in each collection and cost USD20 per quad. I also ordered a few single ones and lippie stix and greatly regret i did not order the lip pencil. I will do so in my 3rd order as they just recently launched matte collection! uber gorgeous ♥

Megan Naik x Colourpop (Left to Right) 
Lectra - Deep Burgundy with violet shimmers
Farah - Matte Brown (me love this)
Onai  - Cream beige 
Amira - Gold olive-ish shade with gold/violet shimmers 

Initially i got this collection because of Lectra and Farah because when i was placing orders, the matte collection was not out yet. Matte shades were only available in collections that time. To be honest, onai lacks abit of pigmentation, i need to pack this on about two to three layers. Amira on the other hand is gorgeous, it's a duo-chrome. I realize most of the shimmery shades have violet shimmers, i wonder why LOL. 

Nix the Nice (Holiday Collection) (L-R)
Glitterati - Silver with gold glitter  
La La - True Rose Gold (FAV!)
Hot Totty - Rose pink shade with violet glitters
Roulette - Matte Black 

I got this collection mainly because of La La ;D becauseeeeee it's mah name and also cause i love rose gold too. The matte black is a plus and one of the blackest shade that i own. Hot totty is just plain rose pink/hotpink, not something that i would go for. I think this collection is not available on the website any more though. 

Top Row (L-R) 
Meow - Tie dye shade, purpley silvery and black kinda of shade
I ♥ this - one of their best seller, light beige hint of peach with shimmers! 
Game Face - Copper  (FAV! FAV!) 
Liberty - TRUE SILVER (no joke! like spray paint silver)

Bottom Row (L-R)
Ibiza - Mermaid Turquoise (super gorgeous, another fav) 
Mittens - Deep warm brown with a hint of orange-red 
Drift - Reddish hint of purple with violet shimmers
Smash - warm beige 
Get Lucky - True Gold  

I want to scream because of game face and ibiza, they're just so gorgeous! i can't..... T_T so pigmented too. Drift is actually a limited edition shade that i got for free because i made my order during their Christmas promotion, if you like that shade you would still be able to get this from their "Not a box of Chocolate" collection. Get lucky and Liberty are super metallic, a true gold and a true silver. If you're a metallic person, i bet you're gonna love these shades including game face and lala ! 

Lippie Stix ( L-R)
Leather - Deep Purple
Lumiere - Mauvey Pink 
Dahlia - Deep Red 

Lumiere is created by my favourite youtuber , kathleenlights. I might have a girlcrush on her LOL! Dahlia is also from Megan Naik's collection, super gorgeous deep red! I love deep and dark lip shades cause i can't pull off pinky shades, sadly. I got the leather lippie stix cause i saw kathleenlight used it in one of her instagram ♥.♥ talk about girl crush LOL. 


Lippie Stix (L-R) 
Dahlia , Leather , Lumiere 

Colourpop Single Eyeshadow (L-R) 
Liberty, Get Lucky, I ♥ this, Drift, Game Face, Ibiza, Meow, Mittens, Smash 

Megan Naik Collection (L-R) 
Onai, Amira, Lectra, Farah

Nix the Nice (L-R) 
Roulette, Hot Totty, La La, Glitterati  


Colourpop does not ship internationally, they currently only ship to the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. There isn't any news about shipping to Asia yet though and hoping they will launch them soon. I doubt Brunei would be in the list cause not much website do. 

The way i got colourpop is by using a mail forwarding company. I used hopshopgo which is also comgateway. I've been using hopshopgo for probably about a year, but i'm planning to switch to shipito. One thing about hopshopgo is that they only provide consolidation, when they say repackage i don't think they did because my colourpop order came in a small white box that is inside another bigger box which only increase my shipping cost and not to mention i have two orders from colourpop so two big box when they could have just send them in the smaller white box. I paid the cut-down package fee too. 

Shipping rates to brunei is incredibly expensive, USD53.15(express) and USD44.30(standard) for the 500gram base so i decided to ship it to Singapore where my boyfriend is at which only cost USD 13.10(express) and  USD11(standard) for the 500 gram base. Since i'm a prime member, i only have the express shipping option and a little discount. I usually ship to Malaysia because i have an uncle that travels often so he usually brings my package to me but i had a hiccup once sending 2 piece of my Mac simpson blush and got a warning letter. Since then i have stopped sending makeup stuff to malaysia :( 

*free US shipping from colourpop for orders over USD35.00

Colourpop Order #1 (USD45/ BND60/ RM161)
Ordered: 2nd December 2014
Shipped out: 8th December 2014
Received (hopshopgo warehouse): 11th December 2014

Colourpop Order #2 (USD45/ BND60/ RM161)
Ordered: 12th December 2014
Shipped out: 16th December 2014
Received (hopshopgo warehouse): 19th December 2014

Weight for both order : 2kg
Shipping Cost (HSG-SG) : USD20/ BND27/ RM71
Shipping Cost (SG-BN): USD 12/ BND16/ RM43
Total Price: USD 122.00/ BND163 / RM436 (inclusive of products)

If i were to ship from 

HSG-BN: estimate USD80+ USD90 = USD170/ BND226/ RM605
HSG-MY: estimate USD38 + USD90 = USD 128/ BND169/ RM456 

so , i saved more or less USD48/ BND64/ RM171 

I had my package ship to singapore then i asked my boyfriend to ship it back to me to brunei which is an additional of USD12. Basically, my packages were shipped three times LOL! It reached Singapore about 29th December 2014. Shipping was super speedy :) if you're impatient like me, i would recommend a mail forwarding company or if you're patient you can wait till they start international shipping hehe. 

Break down cost for each eyeshadow
USD 122.00 / 20 pieces (17 eyeshadows and 3 lippie stix) 
= USD 6.10/ BND8.10/ RM21.71 per piece! 

All in all, everything is worth it! I hope this blogpost is informative enough and not confusing? i'm sorry if it is hehe 

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Sleek Blushes and Lipsticks

Can you believe it when i say these pictures were shot in mid year of 2014 HEHEHE i was supposed to blog about the swatches but i actually forgot about it. I'll just go ahead and post the swatches of these babies. I love sleek especially their blushes! they are compatible to Nars blushes but nars last longer. Well you're paying a fraction of the price so it's actually very good. Sleek has released a ton of new makeup, i'm so itching to try! but i've spent way over my budget of 6 months. kill me please. I can't imagine how my boyfriend is going to move all of my makeup in his luggage. Let's imagine him getting hold up at the custom or immigration and officers ask why do you have so much makeup? And based on my boyfriend's sense of humor, he'll probably act like a girl and say he uses them LOL 

Anyways, on to the sleek makeup. i ordered 3 blushes and 4 cream lipsticks. I'm not really a fan of the lipstick to be honest maybe because i prefer matte lipsticks. I'm the lazy person who hates reapplying lipstick in the middle of the day. 

from left to right 

  • Pixie Pink
  • Pomegranate 
  • Rose Gold

 Pixie Pink 


 Rose Gold
I ADORE! sleek blushes, they are so pigmented and so good for the price. Compared to elf studio blushes, sleek is 100x way smoother. Elf studio blushes are a little chalky and powdery. I've heard great things about elf mineral pressed blush, been saving that in my wishlist too. If you're looking for an affordable blush, i would suggest getting sleek over elf studio blushes. 

Please take my advice and don't place opened lipstick on your bed. I was finding ways to make the picture looks nicer so i just placed them randomly on the bed, all was good until i moved ohgosh they smeared all over my bed sheet. *note smartest person on earth here*

The colors are no doubt gorgeous but the lasting powers aren't that good. I've wore smoulder a few times and i hate how when i ate or drink, the inner parts of my mouth faded away and i have a ring of purple line around my mouth. It's not attractive i tell you. LOL I was lucky enough to find another lipstick in my purse cause i did not bring the smoulder lipstick.  I like barely there because it's a nude like natural lip color but better ;) if you get me. 

Most nudes washes me out especially blue tone ones, which sucks cause up till now i can't find a good nude lipstick from MAC. I love MAC lipstick they have this scent that triggers my memory of "my mother's lipstick". It's nostalgic. Some people don't like the scent but i'm in the category of loving the scent. MAC makes great matte lipstick but it varies between colors, some are more drying and some aren't so bad. The ones that i own aren't that bad, i've yet to get Ruby woo but everyone says that it's the most drying out of all the matte lipsticks. Plus i've more red lipsticks to last me for a life time. I love red lipsticks ♥♥

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

W7 In The Nude Palette Review - Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Dupe


It's been awhile since i've done a review, so busy with assignments and college is being a meanie for giving us 10 assignments. *cruelworld* haha jk 

I recently ordered two naked palette dupes, It should be the naked 2 and naked 3 dupe but i add the first one to the cart instead so i don't have the naked 2 to do a review on. These are SUPER SUPER cheap okay maybe not really but 5 pounds for a palette that gives highend eyeshadows is "cheap!" 

From what i've seen on the website, W7 makes a bunch of dupes!! They made dupes for Nyx butter lipsticks, benefit hoola, benefit box blushes and even the Chanel soleil tan de chanel that i'm planning to buy!! I just bought the chanel universal bronzer dupe but i still need to get the chanel universal bronzer to do a comparison :) hopefully soon hehe 

Similar to the naked 3, the palette is in a tin form and has a dual ended brush and sponge tip applicator. I don't keep it in the palette cause it keeps on falling off whenever i open the palette. I also swatch all the eye shadows on my arms using a "brush" and "without primer" because apparently swatching with fingers doesn't gives the same results as using a brush as most of the time we apply eyeshadows with a brush, so i think using a brush gives off a more realistic result. 

I really love all the colors except angel cause the glitter does not adhere and falls everywhere on my face. Quite a hassle to clean up. My favourite ones would be bad manners, coffeecup, fashionista and alice which i made a demo on how i used the eyeshadows (video link here). I was also surprised that i could pull off pink shades cause i'm quite tan like NC 30-35. So verdict:-

The Pros
  • Blend-able
  • Medium pigmentation (based on the price i'm paying) 
  • Affordable
  • Build-able to the intensity that you prefer 

The Cons 
  • Not talc-free 
  • Shimmery shades have a lot of fall outs 
  • Not available locally - had to wait for about 2 weeks-ish 
  • Packaging a little bit cheap (which i shall overlook cause of the price HAHA!) 
Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Top 10 Makeup Brands - To Try!

There are so many makeup brands in the market, i don't think anyone would be able to actually try out each and every brand. I wouldn't consider myself a makeup junkie just cause i don't splurge on every type of product, only those that caught my eyes and i know i would be able to use them. I typically don't splurge or buy high end eyeshadows because i don't use them that often. For everyday basis, eyeliner and mascara would be my go-to. One thing i would splurge on are face products, idk to me they're like the main points. hehe so i actually compiled 10 brands where i would want to try out. This is what watching youtube video does to you, my makeup wishlist is getting longer and longer. 

  1. Australis
    • this is an australian brand that i wish to try, hopefully my result would be good enough and i get to continue my studies in australia :P i want to try their velourlips like lip lacquers, so many pretty colors and affordable too.
  2. Chi Chi
    • raved about by shaaanxo ♥ i want to try their eyeshadows and lipsticks/matte lips! Gosh so pretty but i need to accumulate up to AUD$100 for free international shipping. gosh the hole in my wallet is getting bigger and bigger. 
  3. Makeup Academy (MUA) 
    • a UK brand i suppose, known to have Urban Decay naked palette dupes. They have super affordable lip lacquers too which is known to a dupe for Lime crime's Velvetines. I need to get them x.x 
  4. Makeup Revolution
    • saw a blogpost that says makeup revolution is run by a person by MUA? not too sure about that but they have gorgeous looking makeup. Also lots of dupes, i'm thinking of trying their makeup setting spray, i ♥ makeup blushes that is a dupe for toofaced sweetheart blushes and probably eyeshadows or blushes. 
  5. Inglot 
    • I like their concept of 'freedom', people can make their own palette that suits their needs or taste. I heard their eyeshadows are like the bomb? also their duraline which makes any pigment or shadows into eyeliner ♥ ALSOOO saving your dried out eyeliners or paintpoits!!! im so annoyed bobbi brown eyeliner dry out so fast and nothing keeps in moist gah! hahah this will be my go to shop when i'm in malaysia. 
  6. Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore 
    • I got to be honest, the reason why i want to try flower beauty is because of the packaging!!! i saw itsjudytime trying out the products i literally search up every where for this and apparently it's a walmart exclusive brand. x.x this is going to be a pain in the butt to order because i can't ship makeup stuff to malaysia cause of custom issues, shipping to brunei cost a bomb USD 85 for 3kg the last i checked. i probably am going to ship it to my boyfiee in singapore, would only be able to get them on february next year. 
  7. Urban Decay
    • yeap i've never tried urban decay LOL cause i'm not a big eyeshadow fan so i still can't decide whether or not should i splurge and try their products especially the naked palettes and eyelid primer. I probably would get their single eyeshadows instead with the custom palettes along with their 24/7 glide on eyeliners. 
  8. Cover FX 
    • UK brand i think? correct me if i'm wrong, their concealers are known to be heavy duty something like hard candy's glamoflauge. this is going to my wishlist too :3 
  9. Soap & Glory
    • I'm very happy with their body soap and scrub so i figured i should give their makeup a try. Quite interested in their sexy mother pucker (yup!) and their bronzer/blush.  
  10.  Illamasqua 
    • the only thing i want to try is their hydra veil hydrating primer! super weird formula because it comes in this little black pot. it comes with a spatula and you dig in or swirl your product around or anyhow you want and apply to your face. the product will go back into its original form after awhile. this reminds me of pudding LOL! 
picture from reallyree 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

A little rant: Give people a chance

I'm super annoyed like going to punch the wall kind of annoyed LOL. I missed out the US launch for the MAC  Rocky Horor Picture Show Collection and i wanted it soooooooo bad, so i went to search around to buy from blog sales and they price a frigging lipstick that was USD 17.50 to USD 35 and above. are you kidding me? they just launched and you're already hiking up the prices. I was surfing around instagram and saw a girl posted a photo with her frigging 5 backups of each of the Rocky Horror collection!! i was raging -_- phoreall. Most of them bought backups to earn money and they don't give other people the chance to buy and who really wanted the collection

I gave up searching the blog sales because knowing they are selling it at a ridiculous price, i rather just wait for the Singapore launch. I did ask the boyfiee in advanced to check for me at the MAC stores few days ago, sadly they're not out yet. AGAIN i was surfing instagram and saw a post from another girl with her gazillion backups of MAC Rocky Horror Collection and they were a few comments asking if she's gonna sell them. After reading her replies, i was in fury LOL! im not even joking. She said

"need to wait for her next batch from "SINGAPORE" to arrived cause they just launched it" 

ARE YOU FOR REAL??!!?! YOU GOT BAZILLION BACKUPS AND YOU'RE GETTING FROM ASIA TOO?! Ergh i know people can earn money however they like but this is just frustrating to see.